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    My name is Alex M. Poitevien Jr. I am a Lieutenant with the City of Plantation Fire Department just outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My department is classified as a combination department, part volunteer with paid staff and EMS. Aside of my profession, I am a Fire Apparatus Photographer. Almost all of my photography is based out of South Florida but I frequently travel to Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. My photography has been featured in numerous locations, including; Hall-Mark Fire Apparatus Website & Calendar, Fire Apparatus Journal, Custom All-Wheel-Drive Fire Apparatus Vol. II (by Lukas Alexander Pristovnik), CHOICEFIRE Trading Cards, FloridaFireTrucks (on Facebook) and various other websites. Feel free to like, comment and/or discuss any of the photos in the galleries below. Enjoy!!

    New Updates:

    Florida:  Added Orlando Heavy Rescue 1  in the Orange County album.

    Florida:  Added Hillsborough County Quint 16  in the Hillsborough County album.

    Orlando Fire Department